• From Friday 23 November to Sunday 25 November 2018
  • Arrival: Friday between 12am and 7pm.
  • Departure: Sunday after lunch onwards.

The meeting is mainly for:

  • Young people 15-35 years old, (15-17 years old should be accompanied by someone 20 or older)
  • families with children and leaders of groups of young people
  • Participants of all ages are warmly welcomed to join the “one-day program” (see the information below).

Preparation before the meeting

  • Preparing for the meeting is also important, for example by attending common prayers with songs from Taizé organized near where you live. We kindly ask you for prayers.
  • Ideas to inspire these preparatory meetings are published regularly on these pages:

 Commented Bible Passages 
 Prayer for Each Day

Organizing a group to participate in the meeting

  • If you know someone who plans to organize a group for the meeting, or if you are ready to do so, please contact us as soon as possible by email.
  • A contact list of people who are organizing groups may be published on the website. If you want to see your pilgrimage announced on this page, please contact us by email.

Provisional program

The provisional program is published online. It will include liturgies with the local communities, common prayers all together, reflection and silence, meeting in small groups with those from other places and backgrounds, workshops on themes related to Inexhaustible joy.

Full commitment

We ask all participants in the meeting to take part fully in the program of prayers and activities from arrival until departure. Coming to Pezinok for the Taizé meeting is therefore a commitment. Others will be counting on you. Visiting the city or nearby sites can best be done before or after the meeting.


  • The meeting begins in Pezinok on Friday evening November 23 and ends on Sunday November 25st after lunch.
  • You can get to Pezinok by train, bus or car. Plan your arrival in order to be in Pezinok on Friday evening at the latest. On your registration, please note the time and place of your arrival in Pezinok – please keep your Arrival details in the inscription up to date.
  • The welcome team will try to meet all foreign participants in the pilgrimage upon arrival (Train station, Bus station…).

Registration fee

  • 10 – 15€
  • Your contribution covers meals, equipment, and other costs of the meeting.
  • It is easiest for us if you give your contribution online by credit card through your registration form, a few days before the meeting. But please note that we cannot make refunds.
  • Groups must pay in advance by bank transfer. If you need a receipt for your records, it is essential to ask at the time when you give your contribution.
  • Only for individuals, if necessary, your contribution can be given upon arrival by cash. If you intend doing this, each participant should prepare in advance the exact amount, in Euros.


  • In families, monastery or schools.
  • Registered participants will receive contact details of a host family, to discuss important details (when and where to arrive, weather bring sleeping bag and mat, etc.)
  • If you need special accommodation (can’t sleep on the floor), please fill these information into registration form.
  • If you are attending meeting together with friends and you wish to be accommodated together, please enter the name of friend in notes. We will do our best to accommodate you together, but be prepared to be separated, if necessary.
  • You might want to bring a little present for your host family.
  • Please do not return late to your host family.
  • If you have your own accommodation, please note in registration form.


  • On Friday i tis expected for pilgrims to bring their own meal.
  • On Saturday will be provided warm lunch with package food for dinner.
  • If you have special diet, please note in the registration form.
  • For breakfast: those accommodated by local host neighborhoods will be given breakfast by their hosts.
  • Sunday lunch: this lunch will be shared in the host families. It may be nice to bring something from your country