One-day program 24.11

Those who want to take part in the on-day program of the meeting will be able
to come in the morning, from 9am to 10am, have a meeting with a team
member, and then take part in all the activities: prayers, workshops, meals.

It’s important to register also these groups! You don’t need to send all the
details of the participants, but you need to tell us as early as possible if you
are planning to organize such a group.

Three-dayS program 23.-25. 11


12:00-19:00 Arrival/welcome/accommodation

20:00 Prayer with prayer around the cross


7:30 Eucharist, for those who want

8:30 Morning prayer

9:00 Registration/arrival/welcome of participants of the 1-day program

9:15 Breakfast

10:00 Biblical introduction and discussion in small groups

12:30 Lunch with introductions for the afternoon workshops

14:30 Prayer

15:15 Workshops, discussion, visiting the places of hope

17:45 Tea, sharing, testimonies, announcements

19:15 Dinner

20:30 Prayer with celebration of light


8:00 Breakfast

You can attend a mass celebrated in local churches. 

12:00 Lunch with host families

13:15 Short prayer and farewell